Hadid Tower

Dalecom for Milano CityLife

The Hadid Tower, also known as Generali Tower and nicknamed The Twisted One, is one of the Three Towers of the CityLife project, an important redevelopment work of the historic Trade Fair of Milan.



Designed by the Anglo-Iraqi starchitect Zaha Hadid, the building houses the Milan offices of the Gruppo Generali.
It is the second skyscraper, chronologically, to be finished after the Isozaki Tower (Allianz Tower). It was opened for the public, still not finished,  on October 10th 2017 to celebrate the FAI Days, while its official opening is from April 2018.

The Hadid Tower has been created as the focal point of the surrounding road axis, like for example Viale Scarampo, Via Domenichino, Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, Via G. Rossetti and Via Angelo Poliziano.

It extends for 44 floors, 177 m high for an overall height of 192 m with the additional 15 m of the huge Generali sign, visible from a lot of parts of the city and it appears as if it is hovering above the air, several meters above the tower’s roof.

The building is one of the first projects of a warping tower entirely made of concrete, designed as a series of rotating floors around a vertical axis.
The warping decreases gradually with height increasing, until it reaches  total verticality near the 40th floor. The base of the building rises from the ground in a twisty way, while the torsional force seems to envelop the tower, the true focus of the vortex, handling the horizontal energy in a vertical thrust.

A complex and groundbreaking structural project, that in 2016 has been recognized as the second most beautiful skyscraper of the world at the renowned Emporis Skyscraper Award and that won the international award "Excellence in Concrete Construction Award 2019" awarded by ACI (American Concrete Institute) and dedicated to worldwide big concrete buildings in the "High-Rise Buildings" category for the “designing and engineering skill, recognising on the one hand the boldness and the characteristics of the project, on the other hand the groundbreaking planning methods that made it possible”.

Vertical concrete pumping

Building such a large-scale work entails the employment of machines and technicians, specialized in vertical concrete pumping, thus enabling the transfer of large quantities of material to heights otherwise impossible to reach with normal pumping systems.


Dalecom participation

Dalecom, a company specialized in renting truck mixers and pumps for concrete and sprayed concrete pumping and handling since 1975, supplied both machines and staff, providing

  • 1 Putzmeister MX32 4T stationary boom
  • 1 Putzmeister BSA2110 high performance stationary concrete pump
  • 2 specialized workers and 2 drivers

Our machinery

Pumping systems rental and qualified staff

Take a look at the machinery employed in the Hadid Tower project

Stationary Boom MX32 4T

Stationary Boom MX32 4T

A stationary boom specifically designed to guarantee high performance in various applications; the boom elements are modular, hydraulically operated.

This machinery can reach high distances and heights, not guaranteed by the most common pumps due to logistic impediment issues.

They guarantee greater speed in the implementation and distribution of the product and a consequent reduction in time and costs for the customer.

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BSA2110 pump

BSA2110 pump

It is an optimal pump for civil engineering works above ground where high pressures and high performance are required, it is an all-round pump for pumping over medium distances with a vertical flow up to 300 meters and horizontal over 1000 meters.

Thanks to a diesel engine capable of reaching a maximum pumping pressure of 220 bar and a maximum flow rate of 70 m³ / h (in high pressure) and 150 bar and 102 m³ / h (in low pressure), it is ideal for vertical concrete pumping, over long distances, for the construction of tunnels, special applications, pumping in inaccessible places.

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During the works

An excerpt of our operators at work



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