The use of shotcrete is a valid and very effective solution where there is a need for a quick reinforcement action.


Shortcrete, is a mixture of cement which, through a wheeled pump and a compressed air lance, is sprayed at high speed on a wall.

The cement mixture includes setting additives which give the compound an instant adhesion capacity and also act as hyperplasticizers, accelerators, waterproofers.

This mode is often used for:

  • restore concrete constructions
  • protect foundation excavations
  • consolidate embankments and slopes
  • build ceilings and walls behind pipes
  • consolidate damaged walls
  • lining tunnels (even in the presence of water)
  • avoid falling material in site excavations.







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Accessorio che può essere applicato su escavatori da 15 a 150, senza l'ausilio di altri componenti e pronto all'uso.

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