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Space and safety in the construction site

One of the most problematic aspects in the construction sites management, even the ones aimed at Large-scale Works, is linked to the logistics. The place for the machinery positioning even regarding operations, gateways, refueling and so on.
Often, in fact, the room for manoeuvre is limited, the gateways couldn’t be able to guarantee safety for the workers and vehicles (e.g. uncompacted soil, narrow width, inclinations, bends with reduced radius).
Moreover, there couldn’t be space, taking away square metres essential to the construction and/or forcing the planners to make different choices or making specific works that will have to be dismantled or altered going on with the construction.
Finally it must be considered the high number of moving people as well as the safety regulation.

Overall dimensions in the construction site

The problem becomes even more clear with large equipment capable of covering remarkable heights, like for example truck-mounted concrete pumps with stationary booms. Depending on the chassis, the boom length and the stabilizers size, they can occupy an area up to 100 square metres.
Such volume, combined with the room for manoeuvre of the stationary boom, can become unworkable in some situations.
The solution, in such cases, is provided by stationary and crawler concrete pumps, characterized by smaller sizes and greater versatility, since they can be easily and quickly moved, and with models mounted on both iron and rubber crawler, even without a second vehicle.



Stationary Concrete Pumps

The more evolved models, like for example:
are even equipped with crawler in order to move independently in the working area, even on rugged terrains and in difficult conditions.





Finally, thanks to the ability to cover considerable distance with the pipes, both in length and height, the pump can be positioned in the most suited place, increasing productivity and making the job easier

  • retrenching the spaces
  • reducing the use of large moving machines
  • resulting in a safety increase of the working area and of the personnel involved.

Case study

Dalecom for Milano CityLife

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