Isozaki Tower

Dalecom for Milano CityLife

The Isozaki Tower also known as Allianz Tower and nicknamed The Straight One, is the first of the Three Towers of the CityLife Project, an important redevelopment work of the historic Trade Fair of Milan.



The building bears the signature of the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, who designed the project with the Italian colleague Andrea Maffei.
The tower, spread across 50 floors, 47 of which are for executive use, houses the headquarter and the offices of the Allianz Group and it features floors completely lit by natural light, with panoramic views.

The building has 26,000 m2 of curtain wall façade, made of 4500 triple-glazed, curved glass cellular elements, whose geometric distortion is made by cold bending.

All of these elements, each 1,5 m wide, have been put together in the workshop and later laid in situ.



In its general set up and in some formal choices, the work is inspired by a previous Isozaki's project, dating back to 1989, the unrealized project for the redevelopment of JR Ueno train station in Tokyo. In fact, this work should have had a 300 m tower, characterized by damper floors every 50 metres, to be used in case of fire or earthquake.

Just like the Allianz Tower, four big supporting brackets would have anchored front and back (both with a corrugated profile) to the ground thanks to cube-shaped holders.


Besides the unique corrugation of its windows, the Isozaki Tower stands out precisely for the use of four imposing tubular steel buttresses, about 60 m long on the front and 40 m on the back.

This solution was necessary because of technical analysis made in the design stage, in which the overall movement of the last floor, in case of strong winds, would have been equal to 1 metre, therefore exceedingly high and unbearable for the occupants. Using these buttresses reduced the movement to only 20 cm.

Vertical concrete pumping

Building such a large-scale work entails the employment of machines and technicians, specialized in vertical concrete pumping, thus enabling the transfer of large quantities of material to heights otherwise impossible to reach with normal pumping systems.


Dalecom participation

Dalecom, a company specialized in renting truck mixers and pumps for concrete and sprayed concrete pumping and handling since 1975, supplied both machines and staff, providing

  • 1 Putzmeister 32 m high MX32 4T stationary boom
  • 1 Putzmeister BSA2109 high performance stationary concrete pump
  • 2 specialized workers

Our machinery

Pumping systems rental and qualified staff

Take a look at the machinery employed in the Isozaki Tower project

BSA2109 pump

BSA2109 pump

The BSA2109 stationary concrete pump is capable of reaching a maximum pumping pressure of 152 bar and a maximum flow rate of 57 m³ / h (in high pressure) and 91 bar and 95 m³ / h (in low pressure).

It is the ideal solution for vertical concrete pumping, over long distances, for the construction of tunnels, special applications, pumping in inaccessible places.


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Stationary Boom MX32 4T

Stationary Boom MX32 4T

A stationary boom specifically designed to guarantee high performance in various applications; the boom elements are modular, hydraulically operated.

This machinery can reach high distances and heights, not guaranteed by the most common pumps due to logistic impediment issues.

They guarantee greater speed in the implementation and distribution of the product and a consequent reduction in time and costs for the customer.

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