Libeskind Tower

Dalecom for Milano CityLife

The Libeskind Tower, also known as PwC Tower and nicknamed The Crooked One, is one of the Three Towers of the CityLife project, an important redevelopment work of the historic Trade Fair of Milan.

Vertical concrete pumping

This building takes its name from its designer, the American architect Daniel Libeskind, just like the other two towers, designed by the starchitects Zaha Hadid and Arata Isozaki.
CityLife district is located in the North-West part of Milan and it is characterized by a total separation of vehicular traffic, which is completely underground, from the cycle-pedestrian traffic, distributed inside the spacious park and connected to existing surface pathways.

The whole project follows the moving of the Milan trade fair district to the new Fieramilano di Rho-Pero hub, thus clearing a 255,000 m2 area, taken over by the CityLife association in 2004, association specifically created for this large-scale work, which with its 360,000 m2 of overall surface, represents one of the European urban redevelopment works.

The Libeskind Tower houses the Milan offices of the global network PricewaterhouseCoopers, specialized in management and strategy consulting, budget review and legal and financial consulting.
The skyscraper's architecture is inspired by the element of the Renaissance Dome, of which the building seems to be a portion, elevating with the Crown defining the top, which is characterized by a glazed volume, whose geometrical lines complete the spherical pattern at the foundation of the Tower's architectural concept.

Building such a large-scale work entails the employment of machines and technicians, specialized in vertical concrete pumping, thus enabling the transfer of large quantities of material to heights otherwise impossible to reach with normal pumping systems.


Dalecom participation

Dalecom, a company specialized in renting truck mixers and pumps for concrete and sprayed concrete pumping and handling since 1975, supplied both machines and staff, providing

  • 1 MX32 4T stationary boom Putzmeister
  • 2 high performance pumps (Putzmeister BSA2109 and Turbosol TB30)
  • 1 Turbosol T20X plastering machine
  • 4 specialized workers and 2 drivers

Our machinery

Pumping systems rental and qualified staff

Take a look at the machinery employed in the Libeskind Tower project

Stationary Boom MX32 4T

Stationary Boom MX32 4T

The MX32 4T stationary boom MX32 4T is specifically designed to guarantee high performance in various applications, since it can reach high distances and heights, not guaranteed by the most common pumps due to logistic impediment issues.
All arm movements are hydraulically controlled, the tubular column is lifted by a hydraulic cylinder or through the formwork.
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BSA2109 pump

BSA2109 pump

The BSA2109 pump can reach a maximum pumping pressure of 152 bar and a maximum flow rate of 57 m³ / h (in high pressure) and 91 bar and 95 m³ / h (in low pressure). It’s the ideal solution for vertical concrete pumping, over long distances, for the construction of tunnels, special applications, pumping in inaccessible places.  

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TB30 stationary pump

TB30 stationary pump

High performances are guaranteed also by the Turbosol TB30 twin-cylinder pump, thanks to its state-of-the-art hydraulic system, while the T20X plastering machine, equipped with worm pump for common and ready mixed mortar, is used for mixing, pumping, spraying and injection of premixed, traditional, insulating and special mortars.

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